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We are a Brazilian research, development, and innovation company based on Biodiversity.

The company develops technologies, from research phase to prototype development by using, in a sustainable manner, products/processes derived from biodiversity and/or biotechnological routes, always in compliance with the legislation on access to genetic heritage.

Parceria busca novos fármacos a partir da biodiversidade brasileira

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Contribute to Brazil sustainable development, by means of high added value technological innovations from Brazilian Biodiversity and that have a global impact.


Molecular Powerhouse

A biodiversity screening platform to discover Radical Innovations from Brazilian Biodiversity. The MPH started two years ago, resulting from Phytobios partnership with LNBio (Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory) and it gathers great scientists specialized in bioprospection, from the identification of new species to high throughput screening (HTS). Brazilian biodiversity is our greatest competitive advantage over international competitors. Since 2008, the company Phytobios conducts large bioprospection expeditions, always in compliance with the legislation in force. In 2014, Phytobios started organizing expeditions to Atlantic Forest and Brazilian Savannah for the MPH project. In addition, in 2015, there were expeditions to Caatinga Scrub and Amazon Rainforest.

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